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BUILD A POTATO WORKSHOP - This a great library promotion you can use at any time of the year. I usually use it to kick off the begining of the year and the opening of the library. It's relatively easy and inexpensive and it's a great way for kids to help promote books. You can tweek it easily to fit your campus size or public library..



The potatoes are done at home and directions are posted on the flyer.


All grades are included PK-5th.


Choosing the winners- Each year I have so many good ones that I make categories up so that I can include many winners. It really depends on your budget. Every year I end up picking 3 winners for PK-2nd with two honorable mentions and 3 winners for 3rd-5th with two honorable mentions. All the winners receive gift certificates to the Scholastic Book Fair, so in all I give out $100. I don't designate 1st, 2nd or 3rd place because they all get $10. They are simply announced as winners.


Judges can be other librarians. I like to stick with people familiar who have background in childrens literature - retired librarians, public librarians, local artists.


I service 900 students and 50 teachers, so I limit the amount of potatoes that come to the library. (Because believe me, you will get tons of potatoes). The teachers choose three to submit per class. They can have their class vote.


I pass out flyers a week in advance, usually on a Thursday or Friday which allows students and parents the weekend to gather materials. Students are not required to bring a book with their potato but some do. If they don't, I do my best to help them out and find one that matches their potato for display purposes. Also, keep styrofoam cups handy. Turned upside down, they work great as potato stands.


Kids love veiwing the potatoes, so schedule time for classes to come in and do a Gallery Walk.

WARNING: Don't display the potatoes for more than a week and especially not over a weekend. If they are punctured they will start to rot, so display them from Monday through Friday and then send them home.

If you missed the photos you can see some here. I will be adding more monthly. Have fun and enjoy! Send me a link to your potatoes and I will post them to the wiki. You can also see the potatoes on my blog:













Debbie McCormack's Build A Potato contest.




Build-a-Potato 2012



Build-a-Potato 2011



Build-a-Potato 2010





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