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How to Steal A Dog -Barbara O' Connor

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Book Cover Vocabulary for How to Steal a Dog


1. When you read the title what did you think the book was going to about? Did chapter 1 live up to what you thought? Explain.


1a. How does chapter 1 make you feel?


2. What are some of the things Georgina worries about? Have you ever had similar problems to Georgina's? How did you handle them?


3. What are some of the things her mother has to worry about? How are Georgina's problems and her mother's problems different?


4. Where does the story take place? Find a picture or map and insert the plug-in.


5. Think about the times Georgina's mom uses her "mean voice".  Why do you think she did that?  Is she really a mean mom?  Why or Why not?


6. Georgina gets frustrated with Toby a lot because she says he is dumb.  Do you really think he is dumb?  Give evidence from the story to support you answer.


7. One of Mookie's motto is- Sometimes, the more you stir it, the more it stinks.  What does it mean?  Has there been a situation in your life where you can apply this motto?  Tell about it.


8. Do you think Mookie knew the truth about Georgina, her family and Willy?  If he did, why did he not say anything?


9. Do you think Georgina is a good person?  Why or why not? 


10. Think about why Georgina planned to steal the dog.  If you were in a similar situation, would you do the same?


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