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Just Grace -- Charise Mericle Harper

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1. Explain how Grace came to be known as 'Just Grace'.  How do you think the teacher handled the situation? If you were the teacher, would you have done things differently?




2. What do you think the word empathy means? Is empathetic a good word to describe Just Grace? Explain your answer.



3. What are some of the things Just Grace considers to be "boy things"? Do you think drawing comics is a "boy thing"? What would you consider to be "girl things"? Is it ever okay to cross over? In your opinion when is it not okay?



4. What do Not So Super comics and the tv show Unlikely Heroes, have in common?



5. "Dad says that if something scares you it's  probably because you don't know all the facts, and that if you learned more facts then you would not be so scared anymore."  Have you ever formed an opinion of something or someone but changed your mind when you learned more about it? What or who was it? How did your opinion change?



6. (page 39) Just Grace defines inspiration as "something that helps you to think of the exact right thing you were hoping to think of." What does that mean?



7. What inspires Just Grace? What idea does she come up with to help Mrs. Luther? Just Grace compares her idea to a Band-Aid. Is this a good analogy (comparison)? Why or why not?



8. The idea to help Mrs. Luther backfires. It started out as a good idea but turned into a bad idea. How did this happen? 



9. What was Just Grace's punishment going to be. Do you think it was fair? Why or why not?



10. How did Just Grace's opinion of Mrs. Luther change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story? How did Just Grace's opinion of Sammy change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?

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