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Keyboarding for Geeks

Page history last edited by Analine Johnson 12 years ago

"Keyboarding for Geeks" will be an ongoing class that will offered on alternate Fridays. This class is an introduction to typing- a necessary skill for the 21st century learner. Students will be working at their own pace, and the program tracks their progress so that each time they take the class they begin where they left off. You can sign your students up for this Module for as many days as you can accomodate. Classes run 30 minutes and our presenter is Mrs. Cardenas.


Keyboarding for Geeks Sign up - November 21, 2008


8:00-8:30--Alvaro Guel




9:00- 9:30-


9:30-10:00--Mrs. Estevis


10:00-10:30-- V.Martinez


10:30-11:00--Mrs. Barraza


11:00-11:30--T. Rodriguez











Keyboarding for Geeks Sign up - November 7, 2008


7:45-8:15--Alvaro Guel






9:15-9:45--Mrs. Estevis


9:45-10:15-- V.Martinez


10:15-10:45--Mrs. Barraza


10:45-11:15--T. Rodriguez


Keyboarding for Geeks Sign up - October 31, 2008






8:45-9:15--Ms. Higareda


9:15-9:45-- V. Martinez


9:45-10:15--Ms. Estevis




10:45-11:15--T. Rodriguez

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Tessie T Rodriguez said

at 1:20 pm on Oct 27, 2008

We will take the 10:45 - 11:15 class, thank you!

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