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Mentor Mentee Collaboration

Page history last edited by Analine Johnson 15 years, 9 months ago

As we begin this mentorship I would like to share ideas on what we have covered through meetings, e-mails, phone calls with our mentees.What ideas and knowledge have you introduced?  The wiki serves as a forum for our librarian inductees to ask questions and share their thoughts, but also to help us all do a better job. Feel free to add topics as you see fit and type away.



  • Equipment checkout
  • Destiny password
  • Binders -AR, Budget, Library Activity Account, Equipment Checkout
  • Lesson Plans - first week - things to cover - library citizenship, AR rules, circulation policy, read books about the library and taking care of books i.e., Mr. Wiggle's Book, What Happenend to Marion's Book?, The Library Dragon (includes puppet), The Library Lion, etc... You can find some of these titles through Upstart and Demco.
  • Budget tabs for binder
  • Permabound website - out of stock, collection management etc...
  • Adding titles and making barcodes for equipment


  • Lexile folder/Powerpoint
  • ERO forms
  • Equipment checkout forms
  • Where do I fix equipment - Mel's Electronic Services
  • Problems w/ Eiki/Elmo - fmirel50@uisd.net



  • Application/Final Report for Fund Raising Acitivity (Turn in one for each fundraiser you plan to have and for each semester i.e., Schloastic Fall and Scholastic Spring) Can be found in your Campus Handbook
  • Sponsor Information Sheet
  • UISD Conflict of INterest Form
  • UISD Responsibility of Faculty Sponsors of Student Groups
  • UISD Criminal History Record Information Authorization
  • United Way pledge





  • Laura had a great question. She was wondering if there was a form we could print to see which teachers had taken which trainings. It would be ideal if we had access to their transcripts. I spoke with Ms. Llamas and she said that was in the works but it would take time to compile. That same day Lisa e-mailed us a questionaire she had generated to solicit the same information from her teachers so in the mean time we can use that. 
  • We covered how to barcode equipment.









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