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Module 3 - E-Chalk Scavenger Hunt  and Creating Your Signature with Clip Art

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This is great class for students to learn how to navigate through the Centeno homepage. Now that your students have completed Module 1 and 2 they are also ready to create their signatures using clip art. If you are interested in your students learning about the resources offered on the homepage and creating their signatures to use on their e-mail accounts type your name next to a time that is convenient for you. The class will be offered Friday, December 5, 2008. Presenters will be Mike Martinez and Jessica Garza.  The class will held in Lab 19.


8:00-9:00 -- A. Guel


9:00-10:00--E. Contreras Module 2- Working with Attachments


10:00-11:00 --V.Martinez


11:00-12:00 --T. Rodriguez




1:20-2:20--Ms. Higareda

Comments (1)

Tessie T Rodriguez said

at 1:19 pm on Oct 27, 2008

we will take the 11:00 - 12:00 time slot, thank you!

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