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TBA Proposal

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Battle of the Texas Bluebonnet Books 




Rodolfo Centeno Elementary School, self-appointed district leaders in endorsing the Texas Bluebonnet Awards, strives to promote the Texas Bluebonnet nominees to both faculty and students in order to increase their interaction with great literature. As part of this effort, Centeno Elementary has proposed several special projects for the purpose of promoting and celebrating this state initiative and increasing learning experiences. Both students and teachers will have opportunities to not only respond to the literature in both blog and wiki format but will also participate in redesigned versions of "Are You Smarter than a Bluebonnet Reader" and "The Battle of the Bluebonnet Books" competitions, culminating in a "Texas Bluebonnet Reading Relay". Included in this proposal is the plan for all projects.





  1. Collaborate with instruction staff to integrate library resources/services into reading activities
  2. Instruct students in the use of electronic resources
  3. Differentiate instructional strategies according to multiple learning styles
  4. Work collaboratively and individually to provide reading programs throughout the year
  5. Address issues and needs of staff and students 

    through curriculum integration of technology and information literacy for students and staff.

  6. Inspire a love of reading by introducing students to literary forms such as stories, poems, and information books through practices such as individual dialogue and reading motivation programs.


Methods and Procedures for...


“Are You Smarter than a Bluebonnet Reader”- Faculty Competition:

Two faculty team captains volunteer and team assignments are made from a random drawing of all names of participating teachers. Teachers from all grade levels are encouraged to participate. Between the months of September through April, members of each team are displayed on a bulletin board along with the books that they have read to their classes. Faculty team captains are responsible for making sure that all Bluebonnet nominees have been read by at least one member of each team should be an expert on one title. During the month of May, prior to the “Battle of the Bluebonnet Books” between students, the two Faculty teams compete against each other in front of the student body audience.


Process for “Are You Smarter than a Bluebonnet Reader”- Faculty Competition

1.      Teams will flip a coin to see who goes first. That team will be given first chance to respond to randomly drawn questions.

2.      A guest “game show” host will read each question and the librarian will act as "referee".

3.      The team shall have 30 seconds after the reading of the question to give a response through the team Captain. Only the answer from the Captain will heard and recorded. Teams are encouraged to confer before giving a response. Only the first answer the Captain gives will be acceptable--the team cannot use up the time left to make other guesses.

4.      If the answer is correct, the team is awarded 5 points.

5.      If a team gives an incorrect answer, the opposing team may pick up points if they can answer the question. The question will be repeated to the opposing team, which will then have 10 seconds in which to come up with their answer. NOTE: If the opposing team does not answer correctly, play does NOT pass back to the other team.

6.      If a team has begun its response before time is called, it will be allowed to complete it.

7.   In the event of a tie, questions will be drawn from the question bank until a winner can be determined.


After 24 questions have been asked, the “game show” host will announce the final score and a winner will be declared. The winning faculty team will be sent on to the next round against a student team comprised of randomly selected students from both student teams. Both contests may take place on the same day.


Process for "Battle of the Texas Bluebonnet Books" - Student Competition

The compettion will be run following the same procedures as the "Are You Smarter than a Bluebonnet Reader".


Answers for Both Competitions:

If there are challenges to a question, an answer is considered correct as long as the librarian can discern it.

Although both contests may take place on the same day, the student "Battle of the Bluebonnet Books" game should be coordinated separately.


Procedures for the “Texas Bluebonnet Reading Relay”

Students in classes participating in the Texas Bluebonnet Awards will compete in relay races against other participating classes. The “Texas Bluebonnet Reading Relay” are races based on the Texas Bluebonnet list. For example, last year, for The Earth Dragon Awakes, one of the relay races included the human wheelbarrow race. For the book Year of the Dog students had to race to pick up 10 fortune cookies and place them in a bowl using chopsticks with one hand tied behind their backs. For Chicken Boy, students participated in the 50 yard dash and the egg on a spoon relay. Each title has one or two relay races that correspond with each storyline. Each class makes up one team, and a relay race is set up so that all students participate in at least one event. Events are selected according to the number of students in each class. So if there are 17 students in one class but 18 in a competing class, 18 events are selected.



  1. Relay races are generated by the librarian and teachers.
  2. A list of events is given to the teachers a week in advance so that students can sign up for the races in which they would like to participate.
  3. Each team is designated a color to wear that day. Our students wear uniforms, so one will team will wear navy, one white, and one team will wear the spirit shirt.
  4. The day before the event, a practice run will be held so that students understand what the races entail, the order of events, and who they will need to tag. The event is held during PE so that coaches are available to help. Optimally, there should be two adults per team to guide and cheer students on - one on each side of the gym.
  5. Each team member must complete the relay before tagging the next person.
  6. Tables are set up for each relay team to hold any necessary props.
  7. The first team to complete all relay races is declared the winner.
  8. At the end of the race the winning team receives bragging rights and all participants receive Texas Bluebonnet Participation certificates.


This form will go out to teachers and students participating in the events.

2009 TBA Reading Relay Announcement.doc


Have teachers fill out this form filling in the blank spaces with the names of participants for each race.



2009 Texas Bluebonnet Reading Relays

2009 TBA Reading Relay Races



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