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The Mixed Up Stories by Sarah Phillips

Page history last edited by Analine Johnson 15 years, 8 months ago

Chapter 1 

Hi my name is Sarah. Do you know a ghost lives in my house?  It is true  because  I had camera. I was taking pictures. I did not understand.  I felt so cold when she ran around me. I looked around --nothing. But wait. I took a photo. I saw a ghost. I went to the computer. It was gone. 

Help me find my mom. 


Chapter 2

My  mom  was scared  and  so was I. I want to leave but I cant. I have no where to go. My mom said  we will  go after Christmas .Okay, we will  go.



I was going to change in my room. AND I AM NOT scared this time, and she ran right past me. Guess what she did? She ran so fast I could not breathe. So I had to do the hard thing --turn on the light. She was gone. Now  we have to stay with the ghost  until after  Christmas .You  don’t  want  to  be  me.  


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