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The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff

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The Thing About Georgie



1. What is the thing about Georgie?  What do you want to know about Georgie? How does he make you feel?

Naomi and Lizbeth said . . , The thing about Georgie is that he is 42 inches short.  He hated being short because everyone made fun of him.  This made him feel sad.  He wished he could be tall enough to do what other people do, like run, tie their shoes, and reach their beds.

Lizbeth said . . .  I would like to know why Georgie doesn't want a baby brother or sister.

Naomi said . . . I wnat to know why Georgie doesn't play any instruments.

Lizbeth said . . . Georgie makes me feel sad because he can't do things other people can do.  I also feel proud because he tries.

Naomi said . . . Georgie makes me feel like I want to help him with what he can't do.


2. Who did you think was telling the story? How did the ending surprise you?

Cynthia said . . . I think the story is being told by the author because it didn't seem like Georgie was talking.  I thought he didn't like the sister, but then he made her a poem and put it on the wall.  Georgie cares about his sister.


3. What motivated the narrator to tell you about what Georgie couldn't do?

Jessica said . . . So you could know how Georgie feels.

Kayla P.  said . . . Because things for him are difficult to do.


4. Georgie is upset at Andy because he doesn't want Russ to help them walk dogs. Georgie doesn't want to split the dog walking money three ways. But Georgie is really upset at something else. What is Georgie really afraid of?

Joel and Odalis said . . . Georgie is afraid Andy might like Russ better.  Georgie thought Russ was going to make fun of him.


5. Who do you think was a better friend to Georgie? Andy or Jeanie? Explain your answer.

Delailah and Alyssa said . . .  Jeanie was the better friend because she helped him make his costume.  She made Georgie taller and put him in the President's play.  Andy and Georgie got into a fight and they were not friends anymore.


6. Do you think it is hard to be friends with someone who is different? Why? Did this story make you see friends in a different way?

Jose and Anthony said . . . No, because it doesn't matter if someone is different.  They could still be a good friend.


7. Georgie called Jeanie the Meanie just Jeanie at the end of the story. Why did he decide to call her by her name and not her nickname? Did she deserve that nickname? Why or why not?

Angel said . . . She didn't deserve to be called Jeanie the Meanie anymore because she helped Georgie with his costume for the play to make him look taller and feel more confident. 

Ely said . . . Yes, Jeanie deserved to be called that nickname because she was mean to everyone in the beginning.


8. How did Georgie change during the course of the story?  How did Jeanie the Meanie change during the course of the story?

Jackie and Tiffany said . . . Georgie's friendship changed with Andy.  And, Georgie became friends with Russ even though he didn't like him at first.  Jeanie the Meanie was mean to everyone because her brothers picked on her, called her names, and were saying she had a boyfriend.  At the end she started being Georgies friend.


9. Georgie seems very different from us, but we actually have things in common. In what ways is Georgie like you?

Mrs. Maciel said . . . We all have worries and fears.  We all feel like there is something not perfect about us.  And we all want to have a friend when we need them.



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